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Tutoring Designed to Solve Student Problems


    Students complain professors skip steps, teach irrelevant material, and don't show shortcuts.


    We teach the easiest way to solve exam problems explaining every step.


    Exams are not reflective of course material and students have minimal review problems.


    We provide exam questions based off past exams with detailed worked out solutions.


    School tutors have limited hours, are hit or miss and can't help with homework.


    Our expert tutors have open availability and can help with any non-exam assignment.

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Bertrand King $45/hour Book now

About Tutor:

Hello!! I am an experienced educator with several years of teaching experience in mathematics from elementary school to calculus. MAC 2233 is my specialty. During my years of tutoring, I have discovered numerous shortcuts and easier methods not taught in class. I love to share these methods with you and explain why they work. I look forward to working with you!

Ruth Ann Kalish Ph.D $50/hour Book now

About Tutor:

I am highly educated with degrees from Boston, Georgia State, Emory and Harvard Universities. I leveraged my Post Doc and Psychology Ph.D to teach at the Graduate University level. Therefore, I am experienced both in writing/editing essays, papers and proposals as well as grading them. Thus, I know exactly what your teacher is expecting for you to earn an A! Look forward to working with you.  

Samantha MS - Online $45/hour Book now

About Tutor:

Hi! I'm Samantha and ready to help you with Accounting - your favorite subject:) I know...its not fun but I'll make sure you ace your exam! I earned a B.A in Accounting and Masters in Economics. I'm currently studying for the CPA exam so I understand the student struggle. Look forward to working with you!    

Javier Agudelo MS $45/hour Book now

About Tutor:

My name is Javier Agudelo and I am originally from Colombia. My educational and work background are both focused on Chemistry. I earned a BS in Chemistry from College of Charleston and an MS in Pathology from Ohio State University. Furthermore, I have taught Chemistry both at the High School and College level. Chemistry is my passion and I look forward to working with you!

Neil Parsont MBA $60/hour Book now

About Tutor:

Hi, I'm Neil - founder and CEO of Owl Tutoring. I've been tutoring since I was in High School and love helping people. My style is to break the material down into its simplest steps and ensure you the student understand exactly how to solve each problem. I weave a little bit of humor and sarcasm into the session to keep you entertained as the subject matter tends to be quite dry. My background is in finance but I have been forced to learn and master many other areas of business as an entrepreneur. I look forward to sharing some real world experiences with you!

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