MAC 2233 - Methods of Calculus

MAC 2233 - Methods of Calculus

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Hey Class! Owl Tutoring designed its materials to focus on exactly what you need to know to ace your course. We teach in a fun and simplistic manner, not some fancy professor style with perfect theory and notation, lol. Rather, we explain in a practical sense so you can finish calculus and move on with your life! Chapter Lessons: These videos explain how to do the MyMathLab Homework in very simple short easy to follow steps. No more eternal "view an example" solutions with dozens of steps. Rather, learn the quickest and easiest solution process to save you time and headaches. Exam Videos: These sections focus on the most commonly asked exam questions over the years. Each problem is worked out and thoroughly explained. Studying and understanding how to do these problems will fully prepare you for the exam. If you need extra help, individual tutoring is available - call or text to book: 561-542-2338      

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